We recognize the strength we gain by working united together, which is what victims truly need from us. As professionals in various sectors, we strive to enhance our understanding of our respective roles and improve collaboration. By referring to one another and ensuring victims receive the appropriate assistance, we can make a significant impact. Our objective is to establish an emergency victim support service as well as facilitates the exchange of experiences, networking, and continuous education, among other valuable resources.

Online community

At VSM, we have developed an online community platform for professionals working with victims. The platform serves as a virtual hub where members can access and share tools to enhance their victim support efforts. It also offers an online academy for upskilling courses, facilitates discussions across various disciplines, provides an event calendar for networking meetings, conferences, and new courses, and enables the sharing of blog posts about the work of individuals and associations, including success stories, new projects, and updates on relevant victim laws. 


As VSM grows, we seek to connect with more victim support associations and expand our network. We organize regular gatherings, combining online and in-person participation to facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange. Our goals are to share experiences, raise awareness, promote cooperation, and enable victim referrals. Follow our social media and webside for updates. 


We prioritize staying up to date on new legislation, treatment methods, work processes.  We strongly advocate for peer-to-peer engagement among victim support associations as an effective approach. This fosters constructive feedback, ideas, recognition, and collaborative discussions. Our goal is to facilitate connections between interested in participating.


In collaboration with Victim Support Europe and partners, VSM is committed to professional development for those working with victims. Our Online Academy offers tailored courses to enhance your skills. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, addressing legal and emotional aspects, for current and future victims. We value your input and welcome topic suggestions. Please contact us with your ideas.


At Victim Support Morocco, we aim to share our continuously developed tools with other victim support associations. Our shared goal is to provide the best possible help to victims, fostering collaboration rather than competition. If you have workflows, guides, leaflets, or any resources to share or seek from colleagues in victim counseling, please contact us. 

Join our community

Join our vibrant online community and connect with other victim support associations to benefit from sharing valuable knowledge and experiences. Here your association will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange best practices, and collaborate with like-minded professionals and associations in the field of victim support. Stay up to date with the latest developments, access resources, and contribute to the collective effort of improving victim support services. Simply fill out the form and join us in helping victims affected by crime.