Founding Victim Support Morocco Association required strong international celebranters as Victim Support Europe (VSE) in Belgium and Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS) in Ireland. They provided invaluable inspiration and support throughout the process. Additionally, the presence of qualified victim support associations across Morocco has been crucial in making Support Morocco a reality. Together, these partnerships have paved the way for our work and aspirations.

National partners

Our national partners, including local Victim Support associations and other relevant actors, form a crucial safety net for victims in need of legal and emotional support. We identify, recommend, or collaborate with these partners in various forms, fostering both direct and indirect cooperation. As an association, we constantly strive to expand this network and welcome new associations and individuals to join us. Stay tuned to meet our esteemed national partners soon.

International partners

Our international partners are selected based on their professional competencies, ensuring qualified and transparent victim support. We continuously form new partnerships that contribute to our organization’s goals and enable us to expand our network. These partnerships play a crucial role in our projects, aiding their development, operation, and strengthening VSM. Stay tuned to meet our esteemed international partners soon.

Become a partner!

Are you involved in victim support or interested in strengthening the safety net for victims in Morocco? Whether you represent a company, an authority, or have relevant expertise, we invite you to join our strong network of national and international partners working towards legal and emotional support for victims. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate for the betterment of victims’ well-being.