There is much we can and must learn – both nationally but also through all the international experience that lies in these areas, which Victim Support Morocco sees as one of its most important tasks. Our goal is therefore also to initiate national surveys as well as collect relevant national and international research with the common purpose of learning from the collected knowledge.

We need your help

To improve victim support and legislation in Morocco regarding victimization, it’s crucial for us to gain greater understanding of the scope of victims’ experiences and determine the necessary tools for their support, both legally and emotionally. We value input from victims, witnesses, and professionals like yourself. Your participation will not only benefit us but also contribute to the collective effort in supporting victims and enhancing prevention strategies. Please find the questionnaires for victims, relatives, and professionals in the link below. Your input is greatly appreciated.


If you are a victim of a crime and would you like to share your story and experience with your case – anonymous – we would really like to hear from you.

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If you are next of kin to a victim of or a witness of a crime and would you like to share your story – anonymous – we would really like to hear your story.

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If you are in possession of relevant knowledge and/or experiences working with victims that you would like to - anonymous - share to help victims.

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Prevention of crime

If we want to do better than just punishing criminals and hope for the best when trying to help the victims of these criminal acts, then we must learn from all these experiences – so we can prevent the number of victims including the number of criminals, because these numbers are linked. We must learn from the pain that victims go through, to learn how we will be better at helping them in the future. We must learn from the perpetrators, to learn how to treat them and, most importantly, to prevent recurrences as well as new perpetrators.  We must learn from those who work in the public system, including the police, the prosecutor’s office, defense lawyers, doctors, nurses, etc., to learn how to strengthen the cooperation as well as best guide the victims we meet in our respective counseling efforts to the right places and much more.