At Victim Support Morocco, we do our best to gather insights to better understand the challenges faced by crime victims and witnesses. Through collaboration, interviews, and questionnaires, we tailor our victim support efforts and advocate for victims’ rights. If you have been a victim of crime or expertise in working with victims or witnesses, we welcome your input. By sharing knowledge, we can raise awareness, improve conditions, and protect victims rights as well as ensuring every victim and witness has a voice and the support they deserve.

Prevention of crime

To reduce the number of crime victims and witnesses in the future, we prioritize crime prevention. Our aim is not only to decrease the occurrence of new cases but also to prevent offenders from committing further crimes and causing harm to their previous or new victims. This involves actions during trials, during the incarceration period, and even after release if necessary. At Victim Support Morocco, we recognize the importance of focusing on prevention to minimize the need for support in the future. Our success will hopefully in the future be measured by the number of cases we can prevent each year, rather than the number of cases we handle.