Considerable progress has been made in recent years in Morocco regarding victims’ legal rights and the availability of victim counseling services. However, there is still much work to be done. Our aim is to ensure that every victim knows where and how to seek help, including understanding their rights, and that all professionals working with victims are well-prepared to support them. We are committed to advancing legal policies that brings us closer to achieving our goals and ensuring that your voice is heard.

Raise your voice

We advocate for victims by raising awareness of their challenges through media engagement and addressing politicians. Our role is to ensure that victims’ voices are heard through new legislation and political inquiries, addressing relevant issues they face. We collaborate with organizations in Morocco and Europe to expand our legal policy work, constantly identifying issues and expanding our focus. If you believe a specific case requires political attention, let’s talk! 

Strongest together

In order to succeed in strengthening legal certainty for victims, we need your help in identifying the most important political issues as well as helping to raise awareness of the need for these. You can help in several ways – whether as a voluntary legal policy officer or by contributing as a citizen to the collection of knowledge as well as its dissemination. The activities of the volunteer’s aim are – among many things – to increase the visibility for victims of crime policy debate and will be working in cooperation with a variety of stakeholders with the goal is to create a better Moroccan framework for victims.