We would like to present

Victim Support Morocco (VSM) is a national association with the aim – among many things – to ensure the rights of victims in general. Rights to not only be heard but also seen, as well as have access to free legal and emotional support starting from the crime committed against the victim and all the way through the legal system. VSM is a voluntary organization with the purpose to offer free and anonymous advising and support to victims and witnesses of criminal acts. Whether you are the direct victim, dependent on the victim, or a witness to the event we strive to offer you the support you need as well as to your next and kin and professionals working with victims. 

The creation of Victim Support Morocco would never have been possible without the hard work of our amazing team in Morocco and Denmark which also includes our Management Committee and Advisory board or the inspiration and support from Victim Support Europe as well as our other international partners.

One hand cannot clap alone

Our Secretary in Morocco and Denmark

Victim Support Morocco has a Secretary in Aarhus, Denmark as well as in Tangier, Morocco. The VSM Secretary in Denmark supports the development of VSM in Morocco, politico-legal work, tools, partnerships, economy, recruiting, supervision, internal and external communication, etc. Our Secretary in Morocco will primarily focus on offering support for victims as well as work to improve the relationship between all relevant parties involved in victims’ cases. The tasks of both secretaries will also be to; Identify national and international cooperators, fundraising, the legal work, the financial aspects, council associations wanting to start or work with and so much more. Besides this, the Secretary is also a crucial link in the start-up phase of the association as well as responsible for the website, the online platform, visibility of the association on SoMe, creating information and educational material, and much more.

Our Secretary members

Victim Support Morocco mostly consist of volunteers, including the founders of VSM. In the long run, the hope is to be able to hire paid employees as well as getting nationally and international interns. Our staff speaks/writes French, Arabic and English, so we can communicate in the language you feel most comfortable in.

Meet the people behind


Our fantastic Management Committee is the elected management body of Victim Support Morocco.

Advisory board

Our inspiring national ans international Advisory board is an important part of the development of Victim Support Morocco


Our hard working partners in Morocco as well as international partners is the saftenet in Victim Support Morocco.


Our many amazing national as well as international volunteers are the body and soul of Victim Support Morocco.

Our journey

Victim Support Morocco (VSM) was created in 2021 but the journey started already in February 2019 in Tangier after the founder of VSM Sandy Madar (Denmark) found herself helpless and lost in the legal system after being a cross border victim in Morocco  – which lay the first building blocks for Victim Support Morocco in 2021 – because no victim should ever again have to fight for their rights as a victim or a witness.


Making a promise – 2020

Her own experience(s) as a cross border victim in Morocco combined with an experience where she witnesses in February 2020 how a Moroccan female victim was treated when she needed help made her realize that something had to be done for victims in general in Morocco and not only cross border victims. A COVID19 worldwide lockdown exposed all work in Morocco until October 2020 where a new transgressive experience happened when visiting an official office making her first wanting to just give up after almost 20 trips in three years. A following (online) speech in November 2020 at the annual Victim Support Morocco conference about her experience as a cross border victim and her fight for justice made her realize that if she would just give up, no one else would have focus on cross border victims for when the world opens again and we start traveling or which victim could spend two years for justice in there own case, not many


How it all started – 2019

During a work visit in Tangier, Morocco in February 2019, the now founder of Victim Support Morocco had a very unpleasant experience that made it obvious that the victim support system was not working as it could in Morocco. This claim was only further proved again and again by the founder’s next many visits back to Morocco in her fight for justice the following two years, a fight that took many turns on its way. She had first come to Morocco in August 2017 because of her passion for helping the Kif farmers to a better life and now she was also doing research on not only victim support programs in Morocco but also around Europe.