Cross boarder victim?

Sometimes accidents happen. Even in Morocco, though Morocco in general is a very safe country. Anybody can find themselves in a situation where they need help, to navigate a foreign system in an emergency where you find yourself far away from everything and anyone you know. MOTAS service is free and 100 % confidential and we will not contact anyone without permission. We further adhere to GDPR as it is important for us that you can expect the same confidentiality of your home country.  

Being a victim of or witness to an accident or crime can have a damaging impact on your emotional and mental well-being and it is thus important you get the right help. Therefore, we offer both emotional support and practical help in case you have been so unfortunate to become a victim of or witness to a crime or accident while travelling in Morocco. MOTAS staff and volunteers are trained to help you through it all. We listen, guide you through the Moroccan system and help you find victim support in your own country, should you need it. We are here for you all the way. 

you need help?

What we can help you with

If you have been so unfortunate to become a victim of or witness to a crime or accident, it is important you get the right help as soon as possible. We can all get in an situation where we need help to navigate in a foreign system – where not only langue’s barriers can be a challenge but also being fare away from home without a network to help you though it – but you are not alone, we and many others are here to help you in case of an emergency, you only have to contact us and we will be there to guide you the best way we can. Unfortunately, we can’t help with financial assistance or replacing or retrieving stolen items, but we can – among other things: 

Assist with language barriers  

Help you contact your embassy, police, hospital, doctor, family etc.  

Assist with cancelling credit cards, block phone numbers etc. in case of theft 

Help arrange (new) transportation, arrange overnight stays, clothes, and meals in case of emergency etc.

Assist with medical needs, glasses, hearing aids etc.  

Help you navigate in the local and national laws, rules, and traditions  


Been a witness to a crime?

Witnessing a crime or an accident can be a traumatizing experience. If you are unable to contact the police or need help to treat trauma, shock, or injuries after witnessing a crime or an accident, please contact us and we will help make the necessary arrangements to make sure you get the right help as soon as possible.

      • If you become witness to a crime, is it important that you contact the local police immediately after, to inform them about what has happened. Take photos where the crime happened and take notes if possible. This is done to make sure that you remember all the relevant information. Never get involved – get to safety before seeking help. The words “HELP” and “POLICE!” are universal.
      • If you witness an accident, it is also particularly important that you help the people involved to get the assistance they need, as soon as possible. You need to call an ambulance or make sure someone is calling one. Stay at the scene of the accident until the ambulance and police have arrived and stay calm. Help if you can, your actions may save a life.

If a crime has been committed, you can report the crime or make your statement to the police when they arrive at the scene or go to the local police station afterwards. It is extremely important to pass on information to the police in order for them to solve the crime, and your statement can become important if a criminal case goes to court. It is therefore important that you are precise and tell the police everything you have witnessed. And please, do not hesitate to reach out – we are here to help you.